Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form between organs. In the abdomen, they form after an abdominal surgery or after a bout of intra-abdominal

More than 90%(the vast majority) of patients who undergo abdominal surgery develop adhesions & they are almost inevitably part of body’s healing process. Most adhesions are asymptomatic, but some can cause chronic pain, infertility & bowel obstructions.

Laparotomy with open adhesiolysis(division/release of adhesions) has been the treatment of choice till laparoscopy came in. Now laparoscopic adhesiolysis is preferred as it has many advantages.

  • 1. Less post-operative pain
  • 2. Lesser chances of reformation of adhesions
  • 3. Decreased incidence of a ventral hernia
  • 4. Reduced recovery time & return of bowel function
  • 5. Shorter Hospital stay.