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Pregnancy Care

Childbirth is a unique experience and a time of joy, happiness, and bonding in the family. We, at Swapna Healthcare, feel privileged to be walking you and your loved ones through this journey with all the experience and expertise brought to you by our team of doctors, nurses & your birthing companion!

Let us start together, let us start right from the top. We welcome you to this life-changing experience. A common misconception is that the pregnancy period is 9 months, whereas it starts the day you begin planning and continues until the end of the child’s first month. In today’s day & age, the need to plan in advance has taken a more popular stance among people. Getting counselled preconception sheds light on any existing issues that could be passed on through generations & the current health of the parents-to-be. This study allows the families to understand, prepare and resolve any concerns they have with their obstetricians.

At SHC, we take pride in having undertaken many high-risk pregnancy cases. For over 3 decades now, we have experienced cases with varying degrees of severity & medical conditions, such as; Diabetes, Epilepsy, Twins and/or Test tube babies, we manage it all with special care and guidance. With our initial study, we also conduct anomaly & down syndrome scans. As you would imagine, all the results from the scans will help us draw your pregnancy journey in advance.

Now that we’ve been through the first step, we’d like to say Congratulations! As we step into the 3 key trimesters, make a mental note that the next 9 months are as important for you as it is for your little angel.

We are advocates of natural birth. Having said that, we take every precaution to make sure you experience painless labour. Through the entire journey, you have an additional friend and confidant, your Birth Companion. Especially valuable during times like the pandemic where we are forced to allow almost no one into the labour room, your Birth Companion becomes your emotional & technical support. Having been with you all this while, you are more trusting of their presence and feel calm during all the nervous pangs.
Are you ready for a life-changing experience? We are, & we look forward to seeing you soon.