SHC has 24 hours diagnostic center where all the basic and advanced tests are done. Have a full-fledged clinical biochemist, pathologist, and microbiologist. Has fully automated analyzers and calibration of instruments are done periodically. Participates in Quality assessment from reputed institutes like CMC Vellore & AIMS Delhi. Has achieved ISO 9001-2000 accreditation.

Division of Imageology
The ultrasound center in our institute has advanced imaging equipment like 3D, 4D scans. Apart from routine obstetric and gynaec services we also offer interventional ultrasound services and have regular referrals from outside as well.

Obstetric ultrasound services:
1.Dating scan
2.TIFFA I/NT scan
3.TIFFA II/Anomaly Scan
4.Fetal 2D Echo
5.3D/4D scan
6.Growth scans
7.Doppler blood flow studies
8.Fetal biophysical profile

Gynaec ultrasound services
Apart from routine Transvaginal pelvic scans we also have a 3D/4D scan for uterine anomalies, Myoma mapping for uterine fibroids, the uterine biophysical profile for infertility, and color Doppler studies for adnexal/pelvic masses. Sonomammogram and Sonohysterogram services are also offered.
Interventional ultrasound services
1.Cyst/fluid aspiration for pelvic masses
2.Ultrasound-guided biopsies/FNACs.