Why Swapna Health Care

Why Swapna Healthcare is always selected by an elite of Hyderabad?

When the elite of Hyderabad selects a place for delivery of their children or gynaec surgery they only trust Swapna Healthcare.

Some reasons why we are preferred over other hospitals:

1. Surgical Excellence for over 35 years:

In delivery or other gynaec surgery, the most important point is to select the best team of surgeons. Swapna Healthcare has the best team of surgeons in Hyderabad including the reputed Dr.Savitha Devi, Dr.Swapna, and Dr.Kamalakar, who have not only successfully done the most number of complex cases but have also trained most of the gynec surgeons in the state. We are the only NABH certified gynaecology hospital in the state.

2. 24 hours top surgeon’s support:

The second point of importance you have 24-hour access to the best surgeons. A number of setups operate with visiting surgeons or ones who stay at a distance. All our key surgeons stay within 100 meters of the hospital so they can be available to you in case of an emergency.

Be safe, select Swapna Healthcare.

3. Best ethics to ensure you do not undergo any unwanted surgeries:

We frequently come across unneeded surgeries being prescribed including last minute c-sections and unwanted hysterectomies. We are known for our ethical standards and can proudly say that we only recommend surgery where medically needed.

Be safe, contact us know to be in safe hands. Meet our medical experts. Share your details on live chat and request a callback.

Hysterectomy: Ethics and Excellence

1. Very ethical: for every 1 surgery done at least 9 are medically found to not need surgery. Visit Swapna Healthcare to get the most reliable medical opinion that you really need the surgery.
2. The most experienced team of surgeons. Dr. Swapna, Dr. Savitha, Dr. Kamlakar
and their entire team are the most experienced gynaec team in the state
3. Round the clock availability of the experienced anesthetist. Less than 1% of hospitals have this in Hyderabad.
4. 90% of the surgeries are done through laparoscopic and vaginal method, which is more safer and advantageous than the open surgery.
5. High success rate- infection rates and postoperative issue rates are much lower than acceptable medical standards.

Endometriosis: Surgical Excellence

1. These surgeries require a very high degree of skill (level 4 and above). Swapna Healthcare has the most experience in these cases as it was one of the first centers in the state to have started complex laparoscopic surgeries. These surgeries require a talented team which is available and very experienced at Swapna Healthcare (in fact not just the surgical team but also most of the OT staff including nurses have been part of the team for 2 decades).

2. High success rate- infection rates and postoperative issue rates are much lower than acceptable medical standards.

Fibroids: Surgical Excellence

1. These surgeries require highly experienced surgeons as the skill of suturing becomes important- example the scar of fibroid should be well sutured to ensure pregnancy does not cause complications
2. High success rate- infection rates and postoperative issue rates are much lower than acceptable medical standards.

Colposcopy: Surgical Excellence
1. Very high success rate as Swapna Healthcare has been doing these surgeries for 15-20 years and despite the long duration we have a very high success rate with the very low rate of recurrences

Pregnancy and Delivery: painless with best surgeons personally present
1. All deliveries are handled by the senior most surgeons and consultants who stay within 100 meters of the hospital- so you can be sure you are in best hands irrespective of your time of delivery
2. 24 hours of neonatal cover. Every delivery in the presence of highly experienced neonatologist.
3. Earliest in twin cities to introduce painless labor (epidural anesthesia)
4. The high success rate for complex cases as one of the most experienced and most qualified surgical expertise available. Good for high-risk cases