Today, Swapna Healthcare has expanded up to 50 beds with the latest facilities, equipment, and infrastructure. It has undergone a massive restructuring and reorganization in order to cater to the changing needs of the patients. A set of State of the Art operation theatres and Labour Delivery Recovery suites have been added for the increased safety and convenience of the women visiting us. A new mother and child room has been added to provide privacy for the feeding mothers and their accompanying toddlers. Maternal ICU and Neonatal ICU are re-assuring additions.

VIP Suites: Exclusive, tastefully done VIP Suites are available at SHC to make the expectant mother feel completely at home and at peace.

Deluxe Suites: The Deluxe rooms are equally tastefully decorated to make the expectant mother and her family feel like home

Labour Rooms: Well equipped labor rooms with well-trained doctors and staff who monitor the patients around the clock and ensure that the patients are well-taken care off and not lacking in any medical care.

Delivery Rooms: Swapna Healthcare’s Delivery Rooms is a quiet, private place with soothing colors, state of the art facilities and trained staff who ensure the best medical care for the expectant mother and the newborn baby.

Nursing Rooms: Privacy for nursing mothers is a must and Swapna Healthcare gives every expectant mother that privacy while visits to the hospital and consultant area.

Children’s Room: A special children’s room has been created to keep the young ones who accompany their mothers occupied. It’s a bright, cheerful and happy place for any child.

Pharmacy: Swapna Healthcare has an in-house Pharmacy for the convenience of its patients. All the required medicines are available at the pharmacy. It provides safe, cost-effective, comprehensive and progressive pharmaceutical services of the highest quality. The pharmacy department complies with the applicable laws and regulations.

Canteen: Swapna Healthcare also has its own canteen that provides for tea/coffee, breakfast, and meals to all its patients. It complies with the standard norms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Diagnostics: Swapna Healthcare also has its own diagnostics, where all the required tests can be carried out, without any effort. It is well equipped and has a well-trained staff.