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  • Facilities
    Today, Swapna Healthcare has expanded to 50 beds with the latest facilities, equipment and infrastructure. It has undergone a massive restructuring and reorganization in order to cater to the changing needs of the patients. A set of State of the Art operation theatres, and Labour Delivery Recovery suites have been added for the increased safety and convenience of the women visiting us. A new mother and child room has been added to provide privacy for the feeding mothers and their accompanying toddlers. Maternal ICU and Neonatal ICU are re-assuring additions.
    VIP Suites: Exclusive, tastefully done VIP Suites are available at SHC to make the expectant mother feel completely at home and at peace.
    Deluxe Suites: The Deluxe rooms are equally tastefully decorated to make the expectant mother and her family feel at home
    Labour Rooms: Well equipped labour rooms with well trained doctors and staff who monitor the patients around the clock and ensure that the patients are well taken care off and not lacking in any medical care.
    Delivery Rooms: Swapna Healthcare’s Delivery Rooms are a quiet, private place with soothing colours, state of the art faciities and trained staff who ensure the best medical care for the expectant mother and the newborn baby.
    Nursing Rooms: Privacy for nursing mothers is a must and Swapna Healthcare gives every expectant mother that privacy while visits to the hospital and consultant area.
    Children’s Room: A special children’s room has been created to keep the young one’s who accompany their mothers occupied. It’s a bright, cheerful and happy place for any child.
    Pharmacy: Swapna Healthcare has an in house Pharmacy for the convenience of its patients. All the required medicines are available at the pharmacy. It provides safe, cost effective, comprehensive and progressive pharmaceutical services of the highest quality. The pharmacy department complies with the applicable laws and regulations.
    Canteen: Swapna Healthcare also has its own canteen that provides for tea/coffee, breakfast and meals to all its patients. It complies with the standard norms of hygiene and cleanliness.
    Diagnostics: Swapna Healthcare also has its own diagnostics, where all the required tests can be carried out, without any effort. It is well equipped and has well trained staff.
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    Our Mission

    To educate women about their health, to warn them of health hazards and their prevention, to provide them with the best care and treatment possible.

    Ethical Practice
    We believe in conservatism whenever and wherever possible. Organ conservation techniques get top priority in the options offered to the patients.
    Gynaecology Treatment in Hyderabad
    Gynaecology Treatment Hyderabad
    New Divisions
    In its endeavor to provide the latest; several new divisions have been added to the services of Swapna Healthcare:
    • ART centre with full fledged facilities for IVF, ICSI & Cryo-preservation
    • Outpatient Hysteroscopy unit
    • High Dependency Unit
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - NICU
    • Minimal Invasive Surgery Unit
    • Colposcopy Unit